Best midget chassis

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Best midget chassis

User Name Password Remember Me? Forgot Password? I was shopping around for a new "wingless" chassis kit and went to the "Bullet Chassis" website, but it hasn't been updated since 07'. I'm new to sprints so don't shoot me if I didn't get the memo. I'm gonna most likely be running GM or Racesaver Bullet chassis is Keith Kunz in Columbus if I'm not mistaken.

Not sure if he stills builds chassis for anyone or not. Mostly built midget chassis for himself.

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Charles Nungester. Im hearing Bullet chassis by Spike a lot now. Don't know if it's a special line or what. But yeah I remember Bullets back into the early s. Member Join Date: Jul Posts: I'm pretty sure the only thing they still have are midgets and they are now built by Spike. I'm assuming they are only built for KKM and no one else but not sure. If you are planning on racing with a wing you do not want to buy a "5 Bar". DRC chassis is now building wing cars and would be a great choice.

Originally Posted by wideopen Buy them a tire or 2 and they'll likely appreciate the help. In the not too long run you'll be way ahead of the game and fairly well along the way of a steep learning curve Find More Posts by wallbanger II. No Wings. I'm not totally settled on it, even Eagle is possible. My plan is to build a new car since I'm new to sprints and wouldn't know what to look for and avoid in someones used stuff.

Thanks for input. Plenty around, easy to get parts, and they work great with and without the Wing, without a sway bar. Call Bernie at Indy Race Parts and he may have a good used one or can get you a new one too! All times are GMT The time now is PM. Contact Us - IndianaOpenWheel. Make IndianaOpenWheel. Page 1 of 2.Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the RacingJunk.

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Check up the matchups here. Check out the entries or submit your vehicle! New and used midget race cars for sale. These 4-cylinder dirt oval short track race cars have a high power-to-weight ratio, and are the stars of several exciting race series.

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best midget chassis

Sort By:. All Ads Private Sellers Dealers. Mini Dirt Modified Two races on Kart. These karts have sealed racing Honda GX They handle unbelievable. Trick suspension in the Micro Sprint Mrp MRP chassis Micro Sprint, with newly freshen Honda F3 engine, car is currently set up for turf tire but could easily be set back up to outlaw as Triple X Midget all Brand New!!!!

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Best parts! DMI spindles, Fresh Engine, Odum Carbs, new top wing. Extra rear axle and rear sprockets.

best midget chassis

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Quarter Midget Race Car

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What to Buy? Started by plgrayFeb 05 PM. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Posted 05 February - PM. Larry has encouraged me to offer my thoughts ButneverlessI'm sure we will all look forward to Larry's input here! Iam referring to the Esslinger XT in both cases. It is my understanding that the ST is a lower cost economy version of the same.

ObviouslyI haven't researched this further. Spike has taken over the remaining inventory of Stealth and is servicing those customer needs. Fontana has recently introduced their latest offering know as the new " High Roller ". Having owned and driven the Hawk chassis for a yearI am sure I know and understand more about it than the others. I think it is a chassis that you can get a "handle" on after proper adjustments to the front and rear sway bars that allow for lighter spring selections.

Like the Beastthe new wide-body Hawk allows for use of a full containment seat. I would buy another Hawkfor pavementas I do believe that Mike Streicher has created a very nice product in his Hawk Midget.

best midget chassis

Our Hawk was powered by the 12 Head Chev Gaerte. Never a problem with this engine ; no mechanical failure in 13 events.User Name Password Remember Me? Forgot Password? Member Join Date: Dec Posts: What would be the best chassis for someone looking to get into midget racing but is on a budget?

Whatever you can find within your price range used Find a buyout you can afford so you get spares, and a complete roller. You will spend MUCH more building a car from scratch than you will finding a nice sell out. If youre heart is set on building new, the cheapest is a Triple XXX chassis, which are very nice.

Midget Chassis / Engine Combinations ... What to Buy ?

I drove one all year, super responsive cars and very forgiving. Originally Posted by tylermagee I guess the real question should be what is the best chassis for a rookie to midget racing.

best midget chassis

There is no "best" chassis. Any of the big names will be fine for you.

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You could give one chassis to 10 different guys, and get 10 different opinions on it so just pick one and roll with it. I would however stay away from some of the smaller companies that offer cars for substantially cheaper than anyone else There isn't really a right or wrong as long as it's sound and has readily available parts. Johnny has several Zero cars out there as well.

The car doesn't really matter as much as making sure it's assembled and maintained properly. If those things are done properly the driver can concentrate on learning how to drive.

Member Join Date: Sep Posts: We know that all the words in the world won't convince you that XXX stands for quality and performance. But, we feel the following results speak for themselves. Click to visit the news archive Did we miss a win?

Click to submit a race win and win a free T-Shirt XXX racked up wins in ! Chick to view some of the winners Need more XXX? Follow us on FaceBook Deming Speedway Everson, WA. Sunset Speedway Banks, OR. Bloomington Speedway Bloomington, IN.

Wilmot Raceway Wilmot, WI. Lemoore Raceway Lemoore, CA. Momentum continues to build for the XXX Midget following a success filled year in Tristin Thomas picked up four titles in the Pacific Northwest on top of numerous race wins. The year saw winners covering the entire US, from Florida all the way up to Pennsylvania, all over the Midwest, and up and down the West Coast, with victors in Washington, Oregon and California. Placerville Speedway Placerville, CA.

Antioch Speedway Antioch, CA. Morgan, CO. Ventura Raceway Ventura, CA. Tyler Thomas was the Powri Speedweek point champion, and in Australia, Troy Jordan picked up two different state titles.

Sunline Speedway Waikerie, South Australia. Deming Speedway Deming, WA. Matt Smith.


Tyler Thomas. Tony Rossi.They were the original home-built race cars and their garage builders made use of every available automotive and sometimes non-automotive part they could use.

Some cars were even powered by outboard boat motors. Post-World War II, the Quarter midgets appeared much as their full-scale counterparts did, as home-builts.

Since that time, the Quarter midgets have evolved into modern race cars parallel to the full-size Midgets. They use a scratch-built single seat chassis with a 1 or 2 cylinder mid-engine, rear drive layout and all-encompassing roll carge.

Due to the scratch-built nature of quarter midget cars, you should be knowledgeable in handling, chassissuspension, powertrain, aerodynamic and safety design. These six major areas of the car design work as an integrated unit and the designer must have an understanding of how changes to one area affect the others. Much of the design work is iterative, meaning re-designing areas based on new changes to another area.

After the iterations are completed, the design will be complete and optimized. Weight Distribution: Because quarter midget cars run on oval tracks as opposed to road courses, they are generally configured to optimize counter-clockwise or left turns. Suspension: Maximizing the compliance with the track is of key importance.

Axle, wheel and tire weights Unsprung weight affect the compliance of the suspension, which in turn affects handling, so keeping all these components as light as possible while remaining sufficiently durable is an advantage. Adjustability in these areas must be designed into the car or tuning options will be very limited. The suspension link locations impact the chassis design.

Chassis : Providing openings to make internal components accessible for maintenance is also important. Powertrain: Weight distribution is heavily impacted by engine position, especially on cars with as short a wheelbase as Quarter Midgets. Because the engine is located behind the driver, the weight distribution is far more rear-biased, which should be taken into account when designing the suspension's weight transfer characteristics.

Aerodynamic: The speeds reached by quarter midgets do not produce significant opportunities for drag reduction over what is considered stock bodywork. Side and rear bumper bars for impacts are also mandatory. If you intend to race under a sanctioning body, always read and understand the regulations of your chosen racing class before designing or building any race vehicle. Learn the basics about race cars and race car design from our free online knowledge series.

Download our free race car design aids to assist you designing your race vehicle. Ensuring the chassis is dimensionally accurate and straight is key. The use of a solid, flat and level build space is important. Having sufficient space for the chassis and bodywork construction is important, as a cramped workshop can be difficult to work in. The tools to fabricate the chassis and bodywork can add considerably to the cost of your project if you don't already have a workshop, but borrowing or renting items is also an option.

Sprint Car Chassis & Driver! - Models by Tandem

All components for an amateur-built Quarter midget car can be sourced from multiple quarter midget parts manufacturers, so there is a selection of available parts and prices to choose from. If you choose to scratch-build your quarter midget, there will be a significant effort in design and construction, but considerably less than full scale race cars. There is however, an equally great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment at being one of the few people in the world who have built their own race car from the ground up!

Many race car manufacturers also started this way, with the development of their own chassis leading them to build cars for others. Tires probably form the single largest consumable expense.

Powertrain rebuilds and crash repairs will also be required periodically. Can be loaded into the back of a pickup truck or onto a small trailer. Support equipment can be carried in the transport vehicle.

Quarter Midget Race Car. Page: 1 2. Midget Quarter.Like our sprint and chassis, this is one of the highest quality pieces on the market and it's already race proven by some of the best in the business, including Jac Haudenshield, Brady Bacon, Donnie Ray Crawford and Gary Taylor. From the drawing board to construction, the chassis has been designed with the most common dimensions available on the market and we've invested considerable time to make it compatible with most other brands.

But don't let the compatibility fool you Entirely constructed of certified and tested Chromoly Tubing. Whether you are upgrading your current program or stepping into a Midget for the first time, you'll find the XXX Midget will give you the performance you need. Finally, you can buy a brand new midget chassis for an unbelievable price By making them affordable again, we're putting the fun and competitiveness back into Midget racing. This chassis will put you out front and into the winners circle.

Kits are available too to save you even more! We're sure you've got a million questions, and we've tried to answer them on the links to the left. You can see chassis pictures, race results, dimensions, tube composition We're not trying to sell you this chassis Click to visit the news archive Did we miss a win? Click to submit a race win and win a free T-Shirt XXX racked up wins in ! Chick to view some of the winners Need more XXX?

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